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Umbraco is an open source CMS, used to create and manage portals many public sector and private business use it. If you want slick portal for external and internal users then Umbraco is ideal for you.

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As an Umbraco Certified Partner, our team have all the skills and experience required to develop user-centric business solutions with the Umbraco open source content management system (CMS).

What does it offer?

Umbraco is used by many large organisations like Sony, Microsoft and many NHS public bodies. Many of these organisations use Umbraco because offers :

  • Social Media integration – Add your social accounts
  • Seamless Navigation – Make it easier for users to find content
  • Optimised for SEO
  • Easy to create page layouts
  • Preview Pane – Try before publishing
  • Word Style Editor
  • Granular level user permission

Our team are therefore not reliant on existing templates – so while we will use them where possible to reduce the cost to you, we can also create bespoke solutions to give you exactly the functionality you need. 

Umbraco Developers

Our Umbarco developers are specialist therefore we are not reliant on existing templates however we will use them to reduce the cost to you but we can create truly bespoke solutions to give you exactly the functionality you require.

While each project that we take on will have its differences, our approach to each largely remains the same. We combine creativity, data and technology in a collaborative approach to ensure that all work is devised strategically and delivered seamlessly. We offer much more than just a new website.

Each project we take on board before we will engage with you in three stages.

  • USER DISCOVERY – A UX approach that focuses on the user and their needs
  • Stakeholder Meetings – Taking into consideration in-house and internal users of a site
  • Project Management – Ensuring that projects are delivered on time and to a standard

Edge Three Sixty will assign a account manager and Umbarco project manager to help get your website delivered on time

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