While the year is not even half over, and it is usually ‘good form’ to wait until at least September to start talking about ‘this year’s best’ anything, there have already been a number of important changes in the SEO packages available to Umbraco users, both premium and free-to-use. For the sake of form, though we’ll call this list:

The 5 best Umbraco packages for SEO (so far) in 2017.

1) 301 URL Tracker

The 301 URL Tracker isn’t new – it’s been around since Umbraco 4.0 – but it IS still relevant. The CMS re-director included in all versions of Umbraco since 7.5 isn’t perfect, and some SEO power-users demand a bit more functionality.

One word of caution, though. This package is still in development, so if you experience bugs, you might want to wait for the latest version.

2) uSync

Despite my admittedly old-fashioned aversion to products that begin with a lower case letter (Come on! It’s not uMbraco, is it?), uSync is an excellent tool which I could not in good conscience leave off this list.

It helps those of us who aren’t using UaaS/Umbraco Cloud keep all of the different versions of our site properly integrated. If you’re updating your content constantly to chase small-scale SEO fluctuations, you will need something like uSync.

3) Nested Content

Nested Content is one of the best tools I know for creating nested, repeatable content. It is (IMHO) much improved over extensions like Archetype, which do not use Umbraco document types by default.

Remember that, for SEO purposes, there is a very fine line between ‘repeatable content’ and ‘duplicate content’. Nested Content helps yu stay on the good side of that line.

4) Multi URL Picker

If you like to tinker with (OK, perhaps ‘micro manage’ is a better word) link building like I do, then an extension like Multi URL Picker is an absolute necessity.

It also makes generating an ‘IPublishedContent’ much easier, which is the exact opposite of micromanaging, but I use it anyway.

5) SEO Metadata for Umbraco

SEO Metadata for Umbraco might be a little old, but I still use it almost every day. It lets you fiddle with your metadata quickly and easily, and even gives you a fast visual thumbnail of how your data will appear in search results (remember, getting it displayed is only half the battle. Fighting for that ‘click’ may be the hardest part.


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