WordPress wouldn’t be quite so user-friendly without its dashboard of customisable plug-ins – if you encounter any sort of issue with WordPress, from analytics to functionality, there’ll be a plugin to resolve it.

The only trouble is, there are way too many to examine here, and almost too many to choose from, so here is a rundown of five plugins we think will improve your WordPress dashboard…

5 plugins to improve your WordPress dashboard

1)    Jetpack

Jetpack was developed by Automattic, the people who developed WP itself. But Jetpack has more than a mere pedigree going for it. It is a collection of individual tools which let you handle site performance, appearance, image optimisation, traffic growth and even security easily and professionally.

Cost: Free

2)    Akismet

Another Automattic plug-in, Akismet probably came packaged with your out-of-the-box installation. It is an essential anti-spam tool. It also has a commercial version with enhanced security features.

Cost: Free for personal use, subscription for commercial use

3)    Yoast

Yoast is many users’ foirst choice for an SEO plug-in. It doesn’t just help you optimise your site for search engines, it helps you create and write better and more targeted content.

Cost: Free, or Premium with additional features

4)    Google XML Sitemaps

This produces an XML sitemap, which greatly aids Google (and every other important search engine) in finding, exploring and understanding your site. This in turn gets you more traffic, and better targeted exposure.

Cost: Free

5)    W3 Total Cache

W3 makes WordPress caching easy – that is, storing often-reused data on a visitor’s system so that on return visits your page opens incredibly quickly. Not only does this improve your UX, it can rank you higher in terms of SEO, which is always nice.

Cost Free, or Premium

Remember, though, that one of the WP ecosystem’s greatest strengths is variety. You may find that some of these plug-ins just don’t achieve everything you need them to, or have one or 2 ‘features’ that simply drive you up the wall. That’s OK. There are probably 100 very close competitors out there that do things slightly – or radically – differently. Explore a bit, and find the best plug-ins for your dashboard, not simply the most popular.


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