Before we begin, we should clear up what we mean when we say ‘CMS app’ or ‘mobile CMS’. There are 3 different, but admittedly related, things people tend to mean with these terms:

  • A website CMS that fully supports mobile visitors – this is more properly called a ‘responsive website CMS’. It’s a very good thing but not what this article is about. An example of this would be Magnolia Mobile.
  • A mobile app that acts as your content backend, or which allows you to connect to your existing CMS on the go. It could be a single app which works as a full CMS, giving you full control over all of your websites forma mobile device, or it could be a plug-in for your CMS that lets you run it from an app. That is one of the things we’re looking at today.

WordPress app

WordPress actually put out its own app, which allows you to upload, update and manage content of all kinds on most common mobile devices – so long as they run iOS or Android.

Drupal app

There is a plugin available for Drupal which does largely the same thing – Drupal On The Go. It lets you manage all of your core CMS tasks for all of your Drupal websites from an iPhone or iPod touch – but you’re out of luck if you don’t use apple devices.

  • A plug-in or stand-alone CMS that lets you turn your blog or website into a mobile app that your followers, customers or audience can use on their mobile devices.

Other mobile apps

WordPress seems to be leading the pack when it comes to these apps, as there are already too many to count. These three are worthy of note, however:

  • AppPresser is available for Android and iOS, and is essentially a WordPress integration of Adobe’s PhoneGap.
  • MobiLoud creates native iOS and Android apps from your WP site, giving you better access to the official app stores.
  • Mobapper stands out as one of the few which will create Blackberry apps. Does anyone still have a Blackberry?

Drupal hasn’t dropped the ball entirely, though:

  • Appy Pie lets you convert Drupal sites into Android and iOS apps.
  • Drupal Gap is an open source app development kit which does much the same thing – if you are fairly technically minded.
  • OSSCube offers the same service – but as a ‘solution’ – so be prepared to pay.

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