There are several financial resources and business funding opportunities available to companies and startups in the Liverpool and Merseyside area – here are few we think deserve more of a closer look…

Regional Investment aid merseyside

This is a discretionary find that was created to fund small, medium and even large enterprises in areas of Liverpool and the surrounding area that are experiencing high unemployment. It can provide both initial investment and ongoing support for qualifying businesses, and can pay for buying, building or expanding premises, buying equipment or even paying wages.

For more information, go to the ‘finance, funding and grants’ page at


MSIF is a Liverpool based, independent non-profit organisation that was founded to provide investment in Liverpool businesses. Invested funds are typically earmarked for expansions or buyouts of existing businesses, but can also become the core of a brand new start-up in the Liverpool area.

One of the most important points about MSIF is that it re-invests 100% of the returns on its investments back into the local community. Check out the MSIF website to learn more about what it does and what it has to offer.

Liverpool Local Growth Fund

The Local Growth Fund is a pot of government funding, amounting to £2 billion or more every year, handled by the Liverpool City Council and other bodies, and is currently secured until the 2020/2021 financial year. The funds themselves are allocated via competitive processes in accordance with a government framework.

Download this pdf for an explanation of the Liverpool City Region Growth Deal, the largest part of this programme, and go to the ‘Business Funding’ page of the Liverpool City Region Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) website to learn more about the individual fund programmes run by Liverpool LEP.

The Single Investment Fund (SIF)

The Single Investment Fund was set up as part of the Devolution Agreement reached with the Government. It is set to distribute more than £450 million over 5 years in accordance with the City Region’s stated strategic priorities.

The SIF has the goal of furthering business growth, skills development, infrastructure and cultural development in the Liverpool area, and individual businesses or start-ups can find Business Case Application forms and other important documentation explaining the SIF here.

These are just a few of the many funding opportunities available to businesses and entrepreneurs in the Liverpool area, but they are great places to start your search for funding, and good places to meet the contacts you’ll need to secure it.