One of the more challenging tasks WordPress ‘power users’ often face is the need to individually manage multiple WordPress websites – keeping each one updated, backed-up and posted to can literally take all day.

WordPress community solutions

But where there is a problem, the WordPress community generally comes up with a decent solution, and the good news is there are quite a few ‘unified WordPress dashboards’ out there to make it easier for you to access all of your WordPres-based sites from a single spot.

Most of these solutions allow at least the following actions:

  • Plugin management and updating – You can usually download and apply all relevant updates to all of your sites with one or two clicks, and drill down to individual sites to manage plugins individually as needed.
  • Update themes and the WP platform itself – Not only the platform itself but all of your themes can typically be updated – individually or in groups – from a single dashboard.
  • Keeping it all backed-up – Websites, files and relevant their databases can all usually be backed up with a single click, or managed one at a time for fine work.

5 WordPress single-dashboard options:

  • InfiniteWP – This one may require a bit of effort to set up initially, but that time more than pays for itself in long term ease of use. Once you get past set-up, it is very fast and easy. It is also a self-hosted platform, which has some real security advantages. On the downside, getting full use from its premium content can be quite pricey.
  • ManageWP – This is a paid service that offers excellent 24-hour user support, which can be very handy for inexperienced users. It also offers all the features you will need as you graduate to ‘advanced user’ status, though. The price isn’t high, but it is ongoing, which can turn some users off.
  • MainWP – This is an open source, free package that offers premium extensions. The ‘free’ version is actually quite good and allows unlimited sites, but the most powerful features do cost money.
  • iControlWP – This is a paid service, but it has a full 30-day free trial, which lets you assess whether keeping it is worth the price. It also makes daily back-ups completely automatic. On the downside, there is no stripped-down ‘free’ version at all.
  • CMS Commander – This service is optimised for time management, and for running many websites by making bulk changes and updates. However, it is only free to use for your first 5 websites. This virtually guarantees that making full use of it will cost you money.


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