Video content can have a positive and significant effect on your SEO efforts, in particular:

  • Rich Snippets (enhanced SERP displays) can be amazing at improving click-through rates.
  • Posting videos on various social media platforms can work wonders for brand awareness.
  • Video content is generally more likely to be shared, and to attract both traditional linking and social media acknowledgements.

Creating a linkbait page for video content

As with any online content, you have to make your video content easy for users to access and share.

There’s no point having great blog or video content tucked away in the darkest recesses of your website, so consider the three-click rule, whereby website users should be able to find any information with no more than three mouse clicks – is users have to work hard to get to your content there’s a good chance they’ll give up before they find.

Creating a so-called ‘linkbait page’ makes it very easy for influencers, power users and everyday social media visitors alike to link to your video content. Take this page, for example:

The videos are simply taken form YouTube, for the most part. However, the structure of the page makes it very, very easy to find not just videos but related content of all kinds.

In this case, the page gains links by providing useful resources for those just beginning to explore WordPress’ possibilities (number 1 above), and then establishes itself as a good place to come back to by providing a well-organised roadmap to more content of the same and related topics, in both video and text formats.

To make the most of the links you get, consider your outreach strategy.

A 7-step video outreach strategy

You don’t want people to simply link to the YouTube source of your videos, after all. That is only really good for YouTube.

  1. Self-host your videos from a dedicated page of your site/
  2. Use bespoke embed code, created with a tool like this.
  3. Make social sharing easy, and include the buttons prominently under each video.
  4. Use the embed code on step three when approaching sites about linking your content.
  5. Only place your content on YouTube or another remotely hosted service after a few months have gone by, and it has become a bit ‘stale’ for your purposes.
  6. THEN renew social media seeding, and get as many followers as you can to ‘like’ the remotely hosted videos. Then it can still serve to attract new interest in your brand

Lastly, once you’ve got all the advantage you are likely to from that, set the content on YouTube as ‘private’ or restrict it by domain on Vimeo, so that it no longer works for others who have embedded it.

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