The internet should be accessible to everyone, a universal resource available to anyone with an enabled device and a connection, but there are websites that are unknowingly discriminating against people with mental or physical disabilities or impairments – so how do you know if your site is having issues with accessibility?

How to make sure your site is accessible

There are any number of reasons why a visitor to your website may have trouble viewing or navigating it, ranging from eyesight issues, to learning difficulties, to mobility problems that make using a mouse impossible.

And while trying to ensure your website meets every one of those needs may seem an impossible task, modern Web design tools are making it easier than ever to create a website that virtually anyone can read and enjoy.

Accessibility is a key consideration for every website we design and develop here at EdgeThreeSixty, so you  can be sure each and every one of your end users is getting the best possible experience.

If we’ve not developed your site, we can still give it a full accessibility audit, using both manual and automated testing techniques to test sites for:

  • User accessibility – including visual, motor, auditory or cognitive impairment
  • Crawlability – for instance, search engines
  • Interoperability – compatibility with all devices.


Why is it important to have an accessible website?

The prevalence of disability increase with age – government figures show that while around 6% of children are disabled, this rises to around 16% of working age adults, and to 45% of adults over the State Pension age, which is currently 65 for men and 60 for women, but will change to 65 for women by December 2018, then 66 for all by October 2020.

And because we are an ageing population – around 12 million of the UK’s 65 million inhabitants are aged 65 or over – so accessibility will continue to become an issue for an increasing number of internet users.


This infographic from, a webmaster tool that lets you discover which web hosting company any site is hosted with, outlines everything you need to know about accessibility.

For more information on how EdgeThreeSixty can help with any accessibility issues your website may have, get in touch here, or give us a call on 0151 223 0001.

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