The Umbraco Certified Developer system has been around almost as long as Umbraco itself, and had become an integral part of the user ecosystem we’ve collectively developed. The system has certified thousands of developers over the years, and will continue to help tens of thousands more reach their full potential.

The focus of the certification programme is giving developers the training and experience they need to produce truly amazing Umbraco deliverables, whether that means new extensions, professional-grade themes, or finished websites of all kinds.

How Will Umbraco 7 Training Help My Business?

There are three primary benefits to sending your developer employees for Umbraco training and eventual certification, or in seeking certification for yourself:

  1. The classes teach basic Umbraco best practices, getting new developers off the mark quickly.
  2. It provides official, objective evidence of their skill and capability, and therefore that of your company.
  3. It allows a business with 2 or more fully-certified developers to become an Umbraco Certified Partner, and eventually an Umbraco Gold Partner.

But I’m already Umbraco certified for umbraco 4…

Excellent! But Umbraco never stands still, and, unfortunately, neither does your certification status. Umbraco 4 or previous certifications all became obsolete not long ago. Umbraco 5 will follow soon.

Umbraco 6 is still highly relevant, and so your level 1 and 2 Umbraco 6 classes will count towards your Umbraco 7 certification. If you have both, you are still considered an Umbraco Certified Expert, but you will need more classes to become an Umbraco Certified Master.

OK, that answers ‘what is the point?’, but what are the points?

Because there is now so much diversity in the way developers use Umbraco, the current certification classes allow you to ‘plot your own course’, and awards certification based on the total number of points you accrue, rather than trying to channel any developers into a ‘core’ programme.

With every course you attend, you accrue points, and these are added together to determine your certification level. Points are awarded at a rate of 50 per training day, so all 2-day courses are worth 100 points, etc.

The certification levels are:

1)    Umbraco Certified Professional

100 certification points required, from any 2-day course, or any 2 single-day courses offered by Umbraco HQ.

2)    Umbraco Certified Expert

200 certification points required, from any combination of 1 or 2-day courses.

3)    Umbraco Certified Master

This coveted certification is only awarded to developers who have successfully completed every official Umbraco certification training course.


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