Umbraco is a very popular CMS for Windows-based servers, not least because it is free, easy to use, and versatile enough to be used on any type of website, for businesses of all sizes across all industries.

Here’s a list of some of the most important resources you can use to become an Umbraco power user, creating everything from UX-focused websites to completely new web apps.


This huge (and welcoming) online community has more information and resources than we can include here, which makes it the perfect place start exploring Umbraco’s capabilities. You can find expert advice, and even download custom plugins and extensions.

The best place to get started is… well, the page called Getting Started.


If you prefer watching videos to wading through text, or just want to test the water with a more visual presentation before you dive more deeply into Umbraco, Umbraco.TV is a great resource. There are more than 100 different videos and a fairly active community to help out as well.

It does, however, cost €16.50 per month to join. If you want a few free samples, check out the links below:

3. Free Umbraco 7 demo from Manao Software

Manao has set up a demo site that lets anyone (not just its customers) explore the back-end of a well-built Umbraco 7 site.

You can login via the homepage, but be aware the personal demonstrations are effectively sales pitches to encourage you to buy additional products or services.

4. Umbraco tutorials from uQuickStart

There are three full ‘courses’ on on exploring Umbraco, from the self-explanatory ‘Getting Started’ to ‘Editor Essentials’, which takes a more in-depth look at Umbraco’s site editing features, and ‘Build Your Own’, which focuses on installing your new site on a server, as well as expounding the virtues of their own Umbraco extension, uBizStart.

5. Github’s beginner Umbraco tutorials for developers

Few of you will be surprised to find GitHub on a list of online resources. There is actually quite a lot there, but these 5 beginner’s tutorials in particular are well worth a look – they weren’t written by a ‘power user’, but by an actual beginner, and could be genuinely helpful to anyone who has had relatively little luck with the official documentation at

Just remember, these are just starting points, and there is a wealth of information out there for Umbraco users.

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