Content is still the number one currency when it comes to running a successful website – regardless of the latest SEO trends, or alternative tactics or strategies you may try out, a consistent output of high-quality and compelling content needs to form the basis of any online marketing strategy.

And if you’re consistently putting out great content, you’ll need a content management system (CMS) that’s easy-to-use and can be adapted to suit the changing needs of your website – so which do you go with?

What’s the most popular CMS around?

WordPress is far and away the most popular CMS around, the latest figures from W3Techs show it now powers over a 27.7% of all websites, while Joomla, its closest rival, sits way behind as the CMS of choice for just 3.3% of sites.

It doesn’t always follow that the most popular CMS around will be the best fit for your website though, so you need to weigh up the options – if you’ve not considered Umbraco yet, here’s how it could soon become your new favourite CMS…

Could Umbraco be the ideal content management solution for your business?

What is Umbraco?

Umbraco is a flexible, open source CMS that has a huge community of skilled and committed users and developers that work together to make for a better user experience – when the community speaks, Umbraco listens, meaning it’s constantly evolving and improving to meet the needs and demands its growing number of users.

It’s a platform that can be used for websites of any size, from a local small business to a Fortune 500 company, powering sites as large and diverse as Wired, Heinz, and Harrods.

All of which sounds great, but is it any good?

Well we think so, as we’ve used it on some of our biggest projects, including complete website overhauls for the British Society for Haematology and the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital Trust, as well as Essex County Council and LABC.

But don’t take our word for it, check out the Umbraco’s list of features and work out whether it could be the right CMS for your business…

How Umbraco could be the ideal CMS for your business

Open source freedom

An open source application is one which has the source code left open by the developer so that, once it’s downloaded, anyone can inspect, modify and enhance it without having to pay an additional fee.

Offering up your coding secrets to the world at large may sound like a strange, not to mention risky, business model, but it’s one that works surprisingly well in the computer world, and is working out particularly well for Umbraco.

Using Umbraco means you can access its source code with no additional licensing fees or copyright requirements, and so there are no limits on what you can do to enhance and modify the program.

Your web designers will have full control over the markup of your Umbraco site and can easily slot in any CSS, HTML and JavaScript coding to ensure your site looks and operates exactly as you want it to, without the need for any Umbraco-specific knowledge – no other CMS on the market offers this level of freedom and creativity.

That said, for an optimal Umbraco experience, it pays to get an Umbraco Certified Partner agency on board – check out the EdgeThreeSixty team’s credentials and get in touch to see how we can help improve your website.

Easy-to-use interface

Ease-of-use is a must for any CMS, and Umbraco’s intuitive editing tools, including drag-and-drop image, video and audio insertion and workflow systems make for a straightforward backend user experience.

Responsive cropping tools make it ideal for designing and editing on the fly, while a responsive preview mode means you can check how each page will perform across multiple devices before you publish, to guarantee an optimal experience for every user.

Umbraco also features a fully extensible API, meaning it can be fully and easily integrated with any third party service. Check out how the EdgeThreeSixty team added value to the BSH members’ area by using some innovative techniques to integrate the site with BSH’s subscriber CRM.

Umbraco’s editing tools are highly intuitive. Media management, responsive views, and approval workflows make for a seamless site management experience.

Umbraco also offers a broad range of permissions, so you can set different levels for different employees or contributors. And if you need to publish any multilingual content, or even publish your entire site in more than one language, Umbraco’s multilingual capabilities allow you to install multiple languages into the frontend.

All-in-one hosting capabilities

Umbraco Cloud offers Microsoft Azure hosting as part of an all-in-one, managed hosting package for your Umbraco website, to automate version upgrades, project creation, and queuing deployment and save time and money on IT management.

Umbraco Cloud is scalable to suit the demands of your business and enables you to use existing project components as templates so less time is spent setting up projects.

ContentFlow is a unique system that allows for a continuous flow of content to your site – content is created in the live site, or in a staging site if you want to push multiple pieces of content at once, and then pushed to developers who build the latest features into that content.

This content can then be put to the live site, or tested in a QA environment, and negates the need to test on dummy content. The process is then repeated across all content as necessary for a fluid experience from start-to-finish.

Check out for more on Umbraco Cloud (though it’s referred to by its former “Umbraco as a Service” monicker), including an informative section on ContentFlow.

If Umbraco sounds like the ideal CMS solution for your business, get in touch with the team at EdgeThreeSixty to see how we can develop Umbraco to suit the demands of your website.