The versatility of Umbraco could well be its greatest strength – as the current version of the platform is the brainchild of a huge and energetic community of contributors, it has extensions, modules and other user-generated features which make it perfect for pretty much any type and any size of organisation.

How Umbraco is versatile enough for any website

Here’s how Umbraco could be the perfect content management system (CMS) for your organisation, from ecommerce to education and everything in between…


Umbraco boasts some amazing e-commerce solutions, including paid services like uCommerce, open source options like Commerce4Umbraco (currently still in beta) and many more.

Not only are most of these extensions already fairly feature-heavy and well-subscribed, they are still actively being improved.

Public Sector and Non-Profits

Both non-profit organisations and similarly-run public sector organisations need powerful online platforms that provide first-rate data security, yet are agile moveable, and as low-cost as possible.

Because there are no software licensing fees, even bespoke, managed Umbraco solutions are typically much more affordable than commercial alternatives. Better still, there is a robust support community already available, if your organisation has some IT-savvy staff but little or no budget for consultants.


Umbraco is consistently named one of the best CMSs for the healthcare industry because of its low cost, extensible architecture, and the relative ease with which it can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics and other already-popular solutions in the industry.

Check out this case study to see how the EdgeThreeSixty team developed and delivered an informative, intuitive and easy-to-use website for the British Society for Haematology.


Umbraco is very feature-rich and combines great power with ease of use. This is particularly useful in the education sector, where administrators already have heavy demands on their time, and can ill-afford to spend weeks learning to master a new CMS.

The fact that it is also very easy to integrate into existing systems of all kinds is perhaps a bigger advantage, but for some of the same reasons – there is no need to retrain personnel or to bring in new support structures.

Key features for almost any industry or sector

Umbraco lends itself well to certain features which are almost universally appreciated, including:

  • Automation of forms – the ability to sign and manipulate paperwork virtually saves almost any organisation time.
  • E-commerce integration – this allows customers, students, patients or partners to make secure, easy payments
  • Secure document management – keep all relevant documents in a secure yet accessible virtual format
  • Information portals – these let any stakeholder access the information they need without support
  • Systems integration – the ability to tie calendars, timetables and other features together reduces double-entry requirements

In the end, almost any industry would do well to explore Umbraco as a CMS, or as the basis for larger bespoke web solutions.

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