Using the right content management system (CMS) can turn a non-profit organisation website from an expensive drain on resources into a valuable resource that will become the welcoming and engaging first touch point for your organisation.

Building your website around the right CMS will make it easier for you to supply fresh written, visual, and video content, to help generate more links and drive more traffic to your website. This, in turn, can help improve your website’s search rankings, and increase customer engagement – and more engaged customers generally have higher conversion rates.

Here are the two key factors you need to consider when choosing the ‘right’ CMS for your website, and how Umbraco fits the bill in both cases.

1. A non-profit’s CMS must be easy to use, and have a substantial support community

Non-profits rely heavily on donated time, and tend to have a relatively high proportion of less technically savvy staff members. Moreover, there is rarely one member of staff devoted exclusively to website development.

In an environment like this, Umbraco’s ease of use comes in very handy. New people can be brought up to speed almost instantly, and even non-experts can make meaningful, effective contributions to your site.

Again, because your staff are not likely to be well versed in cutting edge web development techniques, they need easy (and preferably free) access to a great deal of user support in order to make your website really effective.

Umbraco has a huge user base, and has maintained its market position for some time. That has resulted in a very large and active user community, who are just as eager to help new Umbraco users get up to speed as they to help veterans struggle with some arcane design point. For you, that means fast, effective answers to your questions.

2. It needs to be inexpensive, yet scalable and flexible.

Keeping both initial set-up costs and ongoing maintenance expenses down is key to the web strategies of most non-profits. As a result, they prefer open source CMS systems because these are more likely to feature free support for the user community, as well as constant (free) upgrades to security and features. Scalability is important because of your scope changes, you don’t want to develop a whole new website from scratch.

Umbraco answers both sides of this issue quite well. It is completely free to use, download and develop, which really is as ‘inexpensive’ as it is possible to get. Its open source nature mean that there are a huge host of user-generated modules, expansions and templates available online – again for free – which could not just expand but totally revolutionise a website overnight.

Is Umbraco the perfect fit for a non-proift organisation website?

Overall, Umbraco offers the features many non-profits need without an of the ‘deal breakers’ that other .net-based CMSs impose. That’s why it is considered the superior system for use in the non-profit sector at the moment.

Check out how EdgeThreeSixty created a cutting edge website for the British Society for Haematology, and get in touch with team to see how we can do the same for your non-profit organisation.