Umbraco CMS is one of the most popular content management systems among a rising class of developers, and has really been building a presence on the world wide stage.

Although it still has a long way to go until it catches up with WordPress, its growing popularity means it now powers tens of thousands of sites of all shapes and sizes – here are some of the best-known companies currently using Umbraco CMS…

4 well-known Umbraco CMS websites

Glamour Magazine

Glamour is a household name both in the States, where it began, and in countries throughout Europe and the UK. It is published monthly in more than 8 different regional versions, and has very popular web-only versions with both .com and URLs.

They chose Umbraco for their site because it has the power to deliver excellent user experience whilst also being able to deliver a site that is extremely easy to navigate.

Wired Magazine

Wired is close to any tech- or media geek’s heart, and acts as a clearing house for articles on science, technology, modern culture, video games, and product reviews involving any or all of those topics – and generally several at once.

Here, Umbraco was chosen for the clear, simple and mobile-friendly look and feel the Wired brand needed to appeal to a very savvy user base. Don’t overlook the appeal of making your brand accessible by smart phone. Many users these days use nothing else!

British Vogue

British Vogue has been in continuous publication since 1916, and the fashion empire that survived 2 world wars (not to mention the looks of the 80s) was not about to ignore the internet revolution.

Vogue needed an online version of its UK flagship publication, and they turned to Umbraco developers to deliver a sophisticated yet easy to use website that reflects their hard-won branding and supports their overall marketing strategy. Umbraco more than delivered, and the site sees quite a lot of traffic.


When one of the UK’s largest condom manufacturers – SSL International – needed to create a subsidiary website that could both raise… eyebrows and stay true to their very successful brand, they knew Umbraco would not fail them.

The very successful site is now a major hub of videos and articles for the Durex brand, and an important part of their marketing machine. It doesn’t generate sales directly, of course, but it does wonders for brand recognition.


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