Simply put, WordPress’ sheer flexibility and scalability makes it the ideal CMS for startups, SMEs, sole traders and lean operations of all kinds.

One of the first choices a start-up needs to make is what back end they’ll use for their website. Quite a few make that decision before they even know what they’ll be selling! So, why do so many choose WordPress?

Why is WordPress good for start-ups?

1)    WordPress has a rich (and largely free) development ecosystem.

Premium themes and plugins are the draw, but even if you do pay for some elements, you get the advantage of having millions of developers beavering away to make WordPress a better CMS every year, and most of the fruits of that effort are freely available to anyone.

2)    WordPress is incredibly customisable

The last time I checked, there were more than 3000 free WP themes available, and more than 10 times that many unique free plug-ins. For a lean start-up, that means not having to hire a developer to make every little change, or even to give your site a complete branding overhaul.

3)    WordPress excels at single-panel product launch pages

Better still, it is easy to then convert that page into something more multi-purpose later with just a few clicks of the mouse.

4)    WordPress is great at content marketing.

WordPress got its start as a blogging platform, back in the dim-and-misty (OK, 2003. But that’s, like, 300 tech-years). It is figuratively dripping with plug-ins and packages to enhance your SEO, encourage click-through and overall get you the scale and type of content that makes money.

5)    WordPress is ideal for email management.

As a tech startup, you will conduct at least 95% of your customer contact by email. You won’t have any trouble finding a WP plugin that suits your email tastes and process. I, personally, have at least 5 favourites for different purposes… which you might see as another blog post sooner or later, come to think of it.

WordPress isn’t just for start-ups

Nothing could be farther from the truth! Many large and well-established businesses all around the world use WP to great effect. ‘A good tool works for anyone’, right? The reasons I’ve listed above simply point out how WP is particularly well suited to start-ups and SMEs.

Larger organisations simply have more flexibility, and the capacity to throw a few thousand more pounds at an implementation when they feel like it. Still, the ones who do that when there is a perfectly good free option on the table don’t stay big or well-established for long.


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