WordPress can now boast that they power the majority of sites on the web – depending on just how you choose to calculate that – so there is no dearth of information about how to turn its strength into content marketing gold. The problem might indeed be that there is simply too much information out there to sort through.

To address this need, we’ve sifted out a few oft-ignored gold flakes form the stream, and presented them here.

Start, not with ‘good’ content, but ‘the right’ content

Spend some time thinking about your intended audience, and what they need. What questions do they ask, and what might the answers be? Would they want to know how to engage in effective content marketing in the WordPress environment? Then give them that. (You do, right? Ok. Just checking). If, on the other hand, they want to know about the attest sportsball scandal, you’d better not bore them with things like this.

For inspiration, see what others in your market are producing with plug-ins like My Curator.

Consistency > frequency

Posting consistently is more important than posting frequently – though both are good. Sporadic posting makes it hard to earn return viewers, and those will make or break your numbers especially in your early days. If you can only realistically post good content fortnightly, then commit to that. Don’t rush to put up mediocre or off-topic content weekly. Keep your posts relevant and stick to your schedule, and your hard work will be more likely to pay off.

Plugins like Editorial Calendar will make this kind of consistency much easier to achieve.

Use the power of social media

You will reach a lot more people, and much faster, if you simultaneously share your work on Facebook, Instagram, or the ‘next big thing’. Always be on the look-out for that next big thing, too. To the early adopters go the spoils.

Scribe is an excellent plug-in for this, featuring excellent SEO and social media marketing capabilities.

Don’t neglect internal linking

One of the best ways to encourage reader engagement and increase your unique page views is to make it extremely easy for visitors to find more content of the same type or about the same subjects as what they just read. Link to external sites and sources as well, of course, but don’t hesitate to ‘toot your own horn’ a little.


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