Is WordPress the right CMS for your business?

Taken at face value, it seems almost impossible to answer such an open-ended question without asking half a dozen more, such as:

  • What industry are you in?
  • Public or private sector?
  • Who is your market or user base?
  • Are you e-commerce, brick-and-mortar or hybrid?
  • What is your digital marketing strategy?
  • What is your budget?

WordPress, though, occupies a unique position – the latest W3Tech stats show it’s the CMS-of-choice for over a quarter (27.8%) of all websites, and a market share of 58.9% suggests it’s got the CMS market wrapped up.

One reason behind this ubiquity could be that it’s constantly evolving and developing, and its open-source nature means it’s one of the few content management systems that can genuinely offer a content solution for any size and type of business.

Here are five reasons it could be the perfect fit for your business…

1. WordPress is totally free, and open source

This is hugely important, as both the start-up costs and the training cost to develop in-house expertise approach zero. You can pay professional developers and support companies, but you don’t have to.

2. WordPress has a massive array of features, and not just ‘for a free CMS’

If you need a complex, multi-tier logon and administration system, you can have it right out of the box. If you need SEO or SM capability, it is already out there, and you can choose between a dozen different plug-ins… all without spending weeks developing it yourself.

3. WordPress has a huge user community

This CMS sits at the heart of a huge community of users, developers an industry professionals, all of which can be tapped for support, answers, strategy and even proven plug-ins, modules and other assets that would cost you a fortune anywhere else.

4. WordPress is easy to use, even with no coding knowledge

If you asked most people familiar with CMSs in general which one was most user-friendly, the majority would choose WordPress. There is a learning curve, and you won’t master all of its most powerful features in a day, but you’ll be up and running at a capable level a lot faster than you expect. Even someone with only a very basic familiarity with WP can upload to, edit and manage a WP site quite easily.

5. WordPress is scalable, flexible and constantly being given new capabilities

Too many CMSs fall prey to over-specialisation. They might be perfect for a small, local store’s site, but can’t handle an expansion into e-commerce. They might offer powerful CRM features, but be expensive and too difficult to maintain for smaller businesses.

WordPress has none of these problems. It can see a site grow from a blog to a niche e-commerce site, to a multi-national concern, and be just as effective as when you started. Perhaps even more so, as new features will have been developed as your site was growing.


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