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Website redesign and marketing services

MAJ Law approached EdgeThreeSixty for a complete digital transformation of DrinkDrivingSolicitor.co.uk – including a new website, brand identity and management of ongoing PPC and SEO services.

Here’s how we handled the full digital overhaul…

The project brief


MAJ Law’s mission statement was clear – it wanted its Drink Driving Solicitor brand to be the country’s number one motoring solicitor, specialising in both drink and drug driving offences.

MAJ Law needed a new brand identity that would reflect its unique professional and personal service, and a website that would inform and reassure potential clients, and ultimately generate leads.

With these aims clearly outlined, it was the job of the team at EdgeThreeSixty to overhaul the Drink Driving Solicitor brand and produce a professional looking, responsive and accessible website, with high prominence placed upon client education, reassurance and lead generation.

The main objectives of the new Drink Driving Solicitor website were:

  • Develop the overall MAJ Law brand
  • Establish the company as the leading driving offences solicitor in the UK
  • Increase inbound business enquiries from the website.

As the website would need to appeal to a varied demographic that shared one very specific need, the team agreed a user-centred approach with an emphasis on accessibility would work best for the redesign.


The Users

  • British motorists

  • The general public

Project Plan

The Process

After already developing a good understanding of the business and its objectives, the discovery stage of the project involved the EdgeThreeSixty team researching motor defence law as a sector and the main competitors within the industry, as well as gaining an insight into the business’s target market and website users.

When it came to the website users, it was important to find out exactly how much they knew about the drink driving limits in the UK, as well as the possible consequences and penalties of getting caught driving while over the legal limit.

The insight gained from this research gave us a clear idea of the attitudes, concerns and expectations of the UK motorists, all of whom could be potential clients of MAJ Law.

Our main techniques for research and discovery include:

  • User workshops and observation sessions
  • Interviews and discussions
  • Existing website walkthroughs
  • Competitor website analysis

We then formulated our strategy around the business’s objectives and the information and insight gained from this discovery stage.


Once the period of research and discovery was complete, we had a handle on the public’s knowledge and attitudes around drink driving, and this insight was then used to shape the new website’s content, including landing pages, tools, and blog posts.

Here’s what we found…

  • The vast majority (77%) admitted they were unaware of the current drink driving limit in England and Wales.
  • Almost half (46%) believed the current drink drive limit of 80 milligramsof alcohol for every 100 millilitres of blood in your body, or 35 micrograms of alcohol for every 100 millilitres of breath was too high and should be lowered. Around a third (31%) reckoned the limit was reasonable.
  • Almost all respondents (92%) were unaware of the minimum and maximum drink driving penalties.
  • Just over half (54%) said they wouldn’t touch a drop of alcohol if they were driving, while just under a third said they would have the one drink.

These results told us that while most motorists had a sensible approach to alcohol and driving, the vast majority were unaware of how much they could legally drink before getting behind the wheel, and had no idea of the potential consequences of being caught while over the limit.

It was agreed that all content on the site should have a strong focus on drink driving education, with regular call to action points to encourage lead generation.

And, at the request of the client, selected content pages were to be made available as downloadable PDFs.

With a strong schedule of content in place, it was time to put together a robust plan to ensure the on-site search engine optimisation (SEO) was taken care of.

THE design

It was agreed WordPress, with a bespoke theme designed by our team, would be the best-suited platform for the new website, and meet both the needs of the business and the expectations of its customers.

Our configuration we use means our WordPress sites are infinitely more secure than any off-the-shelf solutions, and are designed specifically to discourage even the most determined of hackers – this was vital for MAJ Law as they would be dealing with a lot of sensitive information.

The site map below indicates the structure of the proposed site. Given the very technical nature of the content, it was agreed MAJ Law would update the site internally.

Information Architecture

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  • 130%

    Increase in PPC conversions

  • 139%

    Increase in conversion rates

  • 60%

    Boost in organic traffic


The EdgeThreeSixty team came up with a sleek and professional looking new website for DrinkDrivingSolictor.co.uk for MAJ Law – the use of WordPress with a custom design meant the new site was user-friendly at both the back and front end.

The site was fully optimised for search engines search engines and the EdgeThreeSixty team maintain MAJ Law’s PPC and SEO campaigns for DrinkDrivingSolicitor.co.uk.

This was all packaged alongside an eye-catching and contemporary new brand logo and identity.

Here’s how the new website looks today…


The EdgeThreeSixty team were great to work with and our new website looks amazing!

Conor Johnstone, Solicitor at MAJ Law Ltd

EdgeThreeSixty can deliver a full digital solution to meet the demands of your business, get in touch to find out more.