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Client Profile


Responsive website design and build

MAJ Law needed a dynamic and responsive new website for its SpeedingSolicitor.co.uk brand – one that was easy for clients to use, encouraged leads and reflected the firm’s professional image.

Here’s how EdgeThreeSixty developed a website designed for conversions and successfully managed its ongoing PPC and SEO services…

Project brief and process


MAJ Law approached EdgeThreeSixty with the task of overhauling its Speeding Solicitor website so it not only better reflected the brand, but also encouraged conversions.

This meant developing a professional looking, responsive and accessible website with an emphasis on client education, reassurance and lead generation – this website had to offer a fast-loading mobile experience and come with quick and easy-to-use contact forms.

The EdgeThreeSixty team implemented a number of different technologies and user-experience (UX) techniques, and leveraged the expertise of the senior designers and developers as part of the project’s initial discovery phase.

And, unlike the vast majority of our projects, the emphasis of the discovery phase was not so much on research but more on re-thinking Speeding Solicitor’s current proposition – which meant our UX experts had the job of coming up with a strategy to improve the client journey to make the whole experience more conducive to conversions.

The Users

  • British motorists

  • The general public

Project Plan


The central concept around the page layouts for SpeedingSolicitor.co.uk was to allow and encourage users to get in touch with the company – either by making a telephone call or filling out a contact form.

Each page on the site features a conversion optimised form in the right-hand sidebar, meaning users can fill one out no matter where they are on the site. The firm’s contact phone number is also featured in the copy of each page.

And although the main purpose of the site was to generate leads, MAJ Law was keen the site should also be a resource for motorists, and so both video and written content had to feature prominently on the site.

So content was available at all points of the user journey, and call to action buttons were placed in prominent positions to encourage users to transact when they had finished their research phase.

And, at the request of the client, selected content was to be made available as downloadable PDF guides.

Once this robust content strategy was in place, the site then need a solid on-site search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy, including the following:

  • Structure: URL structure, navigation and canonicalization
  • Content: page structure, titles, META information, duplication and internal linking
  • Redirects: 301, 302 and canonical etc
  • Htaccess: directory level file setup
  • Indexing: crawl instructions and robots.txt files
  • Sitemaps: XML and HTML
  • Google setup: Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  • Bing setup: Webmaster Tools
  • Keywords: strategy, selection, presence, density and conversion

Our SEO experts and developers worked closely together to optimise both the front-end and back-end of the site and ensure it was search engine ready. The performance of these elements would then be monitored and improved as part of any ongoing SEO campaign.


A custom-made WordPress theme was deemed to offer the best solution for Speeding Solicitor – its content management system (CMS) has a very user-friendly interface and our bespoke theme would mean the site was both secure and easy for clients to navigate.

Our bespoke WordPress themes use a unique configuration that’s designed specifically to discourage even the most determined hacker and to ensure sites are as secure as possible – this was essential for MAJ Law as Speeding Solicitor would be dealing with a lot of sensitive information.

The site map below indicates the structure of the proposed site. Given the very technical nature of its content, it was agreed MAJ Law would update the site internally.

Information Architecture

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  • 61%

    Organic traffic increase

  • 55%

    Increase in PPC traffic

  • 66%

    Increase in all traffic to the site

  • 41%

    More organic conversions

THE Result

The EdgeThreeSixty team came up with a sleek and professional looking new SpeedingSolicitor.co.uk website for MAJ Law, and our bespoke WordPress theme meant it included a user-friendly front and back-end.

The site was fully optimised for search engines and part of the EdgeThreeSixty proposal included maintenance of MAJ Law’s PPC and SEO campaigns for SpeedingSolicitor.co.uk.

Here’s how the new website looks today…

The EdgeThreeSixty team were great to work with and our new website looks amazing!

- Conor Johnstone, Solicitor at MAJ Law Ltd

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