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Membership website design and development

The British Society for Haematology (BSH) needed a new website to meet the needs and expectations of the organisation and its members, encourage membership sign up, and support its vision as the hub for all haematology healthcare professionals.

Here’s how EdgeThreeSixty designed, developed and delivered an informative, intuitive and easy-to-use website…

The Project Brief


The BSH had an inconsistent online presence that was split across three separate websites – BSH main site, BSH guidelines, and Blood meds online education – and was in need of a digital transformation to consolidate these sites and unify the branding.

This online overhaul was part of a five-year strategy set to include a major organisational review and restructure, as well as a new communications strategy to ensure unified branding across all BSH output, and increased use of social media to raise awareness.

An audit of the existing BSH websites quickly revealed all were outdated and offered a poor user experience. This meant they were no longer effective in supporting the needs of the organisation and its members, largely as a result of the following:

  • Mobile compatibility
  • Usability
  • Content management
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Numerous technical errors
  • Poor functionality of membership area

So before any new website could be developed, it would have to be thoroughly researched, planned, designed and built specifically to meet the needs of BSH, its members, and any other stakeholders.

With these objectives clearly outlined, it was up to the team at EdgeThreeSixty to produce a professional-looking, responsive, and easy-to-use website, with a fully-functioning members area and payment system – here’s how we did it…

The Users

  • Haematologists and consultants

  • Other medical professionals

  • Students

Project Plan

THE Process and STRATEGY

It was agreed the project would be a collaboration between EdgeThreeSixty and BSH, to ensure the new website fully reflected the Society’s newly laid out objectives, with additional input from members and users to make sure it met their needs and expectations.

USER discovery

As with all EdgeThreeSixty solutions, the process began with a period of research and discovery to identify exactly who would be using the site and what their expectations would be.

This involved drawing up a series of questionnaires and surveys for current stakeholders and industry professionals to gather together the key information needed to start the project, paying particular attention to how the website should look and feel, along with any defining functional requirements and functionality for users and BSH employees alike.

In order to collate this information, we used the following tools and techniques:

  • Internal external stakeholder workshops
  • Telephone interviews
  • Surveys (using Survey Monkey)
  • Information architecture sessions
  • Yandex Metrica analysis (heat maps, click maps, user visit videos, form analysis)
  • Google Analytics analysis


Our discovery phase uncovered the following insights:

  • The BSH site, and associated microsites, were used by a range of internal and external stakeholders
  • Internal stakeholders predominantly used the site for:
    • Dealing with membership and grant applications
    • Sourcing information and checking content to send to members
    • Updating guidelines, events, and information
    • Audits, archiving, and reference
    • Booking courses, finding dates of events and event programmes
    • Educational material/examination practice
    • Clinical guidelines for use in hospital / revision
    • Check the latest news and articles
  • External stakeholders predominantly used the site for:
    • Read the latest guidelines and industry news
    • Find out information on forthcoming events
    • Find out information on grants
    • Research on forthcoming events
    • Keep up with latest industry news
  • All stakeholders accessed the BSH site and associated micro sites on both desktop and mobile devices.


And our research also uncovered a number of recurring issues users were having with BSH’s current offering:

  • Not mobile responsive
  • Looks dated and unprofessional
  • Lack of functionality (search bar, social media live feed)
  • Other relevant sites aren’t linked to or even signposted
  • Layouts across sites aren’t consistent
  • Lack of member’s area with information on courses and events
  • No section for students or anyone considering haematology
  • Lack of content for academic students
  • Nothing to appeal to allied professions (trainees, nurses, biomedical scientists)


With the discovery phase complete and a clear vision established, website wireframes were uploaded into InVision, to enable all stakeholders to add real-time feedback on the proposed designs.

HTML/CSS (design in browser) prototypes were subsequently drawn up to gather more feedback around the functionality of the site before we moved on to the development phase.

Once completed, the site was put through a testing phase that included full user acceptance testing (UAT), with all issues being resolved before sign off and deployment.

Information Architecture

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The design

Once the mock-ups and wireframes were approved and all stakeholders were happy with our vision for the new site, it was time to get on with the development work – we decided the versatility and flexibility of the Umbraco platform would best suit the needs of this project.

As an Umbraco Certified Partner, the site was designed and developed by our team of UX design professionals and .net developers and delivered on the following:

  • Responsive design
  • High security
  • Fast download speeds
  • High levels of accessibility

Subscriber CRM

Our developers also employed some innovative techniques to enable the site to integrate with BSH’s subscriber CRM, making this the first Umbraco site to have full integration with this particular subscriber API.

The site map above outlines the structure of the proposed site, which would be both secure and easy-to-use to allow for changes to the structure and layout of the site, and enable content to be updated when necessary.

And the flexibility of the Umbraco platform ensured we could deliver on the following changes in content and functionality, as and when they were requested by BSH:

  • Additional payment type creation for events – event registration needed to have multiple pricing because the cost of attending differed depending upon the capacity each user registers in.
  • API storage development in Umbraco – in order to enable us to continue with the development cycle, extra development time was required to temporarily store data in Umbraco while the subscriber API was developed.
  • Membership renewal – additional functionality was required to enable BSH to distribute a renewal notification that integrated with the SagePay payment system.
  • Online Education and data migration – a problem with the data supplied by BSH meant additional development time was required to complete the data migration to the Online Education section.

Membership area

One of the biggest challenges faced by the team was ensuring the membership area was fully functioning and fit-for-purpose, unlike its previous iteration.

The team developed a first-class membership area that had the following capabilities:

  1. Event registration – Full payment processing capabilities and integration into Subscriber CRM (passing event delegate information and payment confirmation)
  2. Membership registration – Full payment processing capabilities and full integration with Subscriber CRM (including a verification process so that each application can be considered prior to member application acceptance
  3. Membership renewal – Improved functionality to allow members to renew annual membership online.

The result

The EdgeThreeSixty team delivered a clean and contemporary website, with a strong visual identity and functionality that meant BSH no longer had to rely on the presence of several websites and could instead direct stakeholders to the one URL.

The new, fully-responsive website supports the new BSH digital strategy by both improving engagement with its membership and allowing BSH to manage their membership database much more effectively.

Here’s how the new site developed by EdgeThreeSixty met the objectives set by BSH…

  • An education section with links to relevant external guidelines and a section dedicated to The British Journal of Haematology provides clear, up to date information about haematology to BSH members and the wider haematology community, and enage and promote the work of national haematology groups
  • An area for membership sign up and renewal, where members can access exclusive content is in place to promote BSH membership
  • A timeline of upcoming conferences and events is now on site to provide clear signposting for event and networking opportunities
  • A reference section on the latest BSH guidelines is in place to ensure the continued promotion of these guidelines.
  • The content from any associated microsites have now been incorporated into the main site to provide a smooth, integrated user journey from one are of BSH speciality to another.

And here’s how the BSH website looks today…

We love the new website – it looks great, it’s responsive, and it really offers added value for all our members. It ticks all the boxes and fits the bill perfectly.

Stephanie Slack, project co-coordinator, BSH

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