Though we offer our expertise and services to organisations of any kind or size, there are a handful of industries with which we have worked most extensively. Our core client sectors are listed below.


Due to the far-reaching nature of their users, those in the healthcare industry often have large websites that need to fulfil a number of purposes at the same time, and perform a range of intricate functions. Our in-depth user discovery process allows our designs to cater for these complex needs, and our expert developers ensure that even the biggest of sites are always super-fast and secure. Our biggest healthcare clients to date include the National Health Service.


Having designed, developed and marketed websites for a variety of online stores, we’ve perfected the services we offer to ecommerce companies. From smaller shops with just a handful of products, to large online retailers, we’ve helped all manner of ecommerce businesses achieve online success.


EdgeThreeSixty has created a number of websites for companies in the property industry, from those dealing with industrial premises, to residential homes, to student accommodation. We’ve also successfully managed digital marketing and advertising campaigns in this highly competitive sector.

People with disabilities

We specialise in creating highly accessible websites to cater for the unique needs of people with disabilities. Our accessibility specialists have years of experience in designing and developing clean and simple websites that are intuitive to use.


Organisations in this sector often have large websites, with hundreds of individual pages. EdgeThreeSixty has worked on a number of projects of this nature, resulting in modern, professional and easy to use sites for the education sector.

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