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Every business needs a unique brand and visual identity. Our team of branding experts can assist with a number of brand-related services, including strategy preparation, identity and concept development, logo design and production, and more.


In the competitive markets of the modern business world, having an effective branding strategy is essential in giving your business the competitive edge that will allow it to thrive. A brand is often the part of a business that customers first see and connect with, and it’s the part of your business that needs to make a positive & permanent impression.

A logo, though not the only important element of a brand, forms the visual foundation of your business’s brand identity. The logo should function as a ‘shorthand’ representation of a business overall, and form the centrepiece of your brand. Your website, packaging, communications and promotional materials can then be designed to complement the logo, in order to communicate the overall brand message fluidly and effectively.


Elements of a brand

With so much resting on a business’s brand identity, it’s easy to see why many seek the help of a brand design agency when it comes to giving their business an identity. We believe that there are three core characteristics that shape a successful brand identity, and as such, all digital branding services that we offer are based around creating brands that are:

  • Meaningful
    Creating a brand with meaning adds clarity and portrays character.
  • Identifiable
    Tapping into your audience’s sensory inputs to bring your brand to life.
  • Adaptable
    Being able to grow and adjust to changing markets to stand the test of time.

Brand design & development

Here at EdgeThreeSixty, we can help you to develop a brand identity to perfectly embody the personality of your business, and drive home the message that you want to convey. We do this through building a detailed profile of your company and its goals, researching market trends, gaining insight into the industry you operate within, and analysing the competition you face.

Through experimentation with different images, typography, colours and design, we can build a meaningful and identifiable visual identity for your business. Our brand design services are thorough and completely bespoke, to ensure your business’s brand & logo are completely unique to you.


We can also produce marketing materials coordinated with your chosen brand colours & logo. Having strong coordination throughout all marketing and communication materials help to reinforce your brand identity, and incite familiarity and trust in customers.

Our in house branding experts have over 10 years’ experience in developing brands and marketing materials for a range of different clients. Using the right strategy, we can build a strong brand for your business that is meaningful, identifiable and adaptable.


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