Here at EdgeThreeSixty, our ethos and approach to design is based around the user, and the usability, of a site as well as the way that it looks. We create smart, intuitive websites, designed to be easy to use and impress at the same time.

Web design

As a full service digital agency, our web design services span the entire spectrum – from website wireframes, mock ups and prototyping, to HTML or CSS design work, to completely bespoke full website design. All sites that we build are fully responsive and optimised for use on different browsers, and created with usability and user experience at heart.

UX design

As specialists in usability, all of the design work we carry out revolves around user experience (UX). In order for a site to provide the best possible experience for the user, it needs to be simple and intuitive to use. After all, no matter how visually stunning a website or an app is, if it’s difficult to find information or illogical to navigate, the user is likely to leave the site, and unlikely to return.

That’s why UX is at the core of all the design services we offer.

Responsive Design

Responsive design allows the elements on a webpage to resize, reshape and reformat depending on the device that they is being viewed on. All of the design and development work we do is responsively optimised for mobile and tablet, and in fact we actually build ‘mobile first’ more often than not. This means that we create the mobile version of a site first, then add elements for the desktop version, rather than the other way around.


The content on any website should be quickly and easily accessible for users of all abilities, and there are formal guidelines to follow to in order to achieve this. Other business benefits of accessibility can include increased crawlability for bots such as Google’s, and responsive design for tablets and mobile devices.

App Design

Our team of professional designers create more than just websites; we’re also able to provide a range of app design and development services. Whether you require a native mobile app for Android or iOS, or a web app for desktop browsers – we can help.

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