Website accessibility & inclusivity

Accessibility & inclusivity are integrated into all the web design services  that we provide here at EdgeThreeSixty, as we believe that information and content on the web should be equally available to all users.


If you have any concerns as to the accessibility and inclusivity of your website, then you may want to consider having an accessibility test or audit done. EdgeThreeSixty can test the accessibility of any website, to ensure that it complies with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, and follows accessibility best practices.

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We are specialists in all aspects of web accessibility and use both manual and automated testing techniques to test sites for:

Our approach to web accessibility

As a full service digital solutions agency, the team at EdgeThreeSixty takes a holistic approach to every project we oversee, and accessibility forms a big part of that. We consider a wide range of factors that can affect your website’s accessibility levels, and ensure best practices are followed in order to avoid issues.

Once we have made the necessary changes, you’ll not only see an increase in your website’s performance across all devices and operating systems, it will also be easier to maintain and upgrade.

Accessibility case studies

We ensure that every website we build follows accessibility best practices and complies with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, so check out any of our case studies to get an idea of how a fully accessible website should look and feel.

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