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When it comes to giving a business an online presence, a website is the first port of call for many. But, business owners often jump headfirst into building their websites, without a real consideration for design or usability. That’s where we can help.

The elements of good web design

As being in the online world becomes more and more important for a business, so too does the need for having a properly designed website. Bad design could potentially have a number of negative effects on your site, which is where the services of a professional web design agency can be beneficial.

The web designing services that we offer here at EdgeThreeSixty involve a number of different factors, processes and research practices, but more often than not, there are two key elements at the centre of our web design: user experience and responsiveness.



Our philosophy is that the user should be at the centre of every part of a website’s design process. Whilst the way that a website looks is obviously important, user experience should never be sacrificed in the name of surface appearance. At the end of the day, if your website is difficult, long-winded too confusing to use, people simply won’t use it. That’s why UX website design is important.


The team at EdgeThreeSixty have a real knack for creating seamless website solutions that effectively combine both the creative side of design, and the technical side of web performance. Their websites both look great and perform impeccably.




‘Responsive’ is the term used to describe websites that are designed to be viewed on any kind of device – whether it’s PC, mobile or tablet. The web page is  able to ‘respond’ to the device that it’s being viewed on, and automatically resize and rearrange itself to properly fit the dimensions of the screen.

Not only is responsive website design essential for ensuring good user experience on your site, but it can actually affect your site’s SEO, and have an effect on your site’s search visibility.


Design services from EdgeThreeSixty

If you’re looking for professional web designers in Liverpool, look no further.

Unlike some other web design companies, we put the end user at the centre of all the web design services we provide. We believe it’s this user centred design approach that grants us consistent success, and allows us to produce results for our clients in the way that we do

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