Web design services

We create responsive, accessible, and visually impactful website designs to deliver the best possible user experience, and help your site perform to achieve its goals.

Our web design services

We don’t just design websites, we see web design as part of a bigger digital solution to help your business to thrive and grow. The design of a site is important in creating a positive experience for the user, and ultimately helping you to achieve success online.

Brand & identity
We can bring your brand to life with our brand identity development services
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Our approach to web design

There are a number of features and facets that make our approach as a web design agency so special. From the collaborative way we work with clients, to the techniques and tools that we use to design – our approach to web design means we deliver a quality product every time.

Accessibility & inclusivity
Designs that are fully accessible compliant with WCAG
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UX web design services

When you put the end users – your target audience and customers – at the centre of all design and development choices you make, you’re already making an impact on the future success of your site before it’s even up and running.

Many website owners are unaware of the profound effect that UX design – or lack thereof – can have on their site’s traffic levels, conversion rates and SEO efforts. The fact is that if the functionality, navigation, structure and content of a site is not designed for user experience, it can have a detrimental effect on the success of the website, and ultimately the success of the overall business. That’s why the web design services of an experienced agency can be invaluable, 

What is UX design?

UX is a shortening of ‘user experience’, and is the term referring to how easy, intuitive and logical a website is to interact with – literally, the user’s experience of a site. UX design is the practice of designing and building websites for ease of use in this way.

A UX website does not necessarily disregard all other important elements of design, for instance the look and feel of a page, it simply ensures that the end user’s experience is a core focus in all design and development decisions.

The benefits of UX design

Utilising user experience design techniques when building a website means that the site in question will be simple and intuitive to use. It also ensures that the site complies with usability and accessibility guidelines. As well as the obvious benefit of making your website easier for prospective customers to navigate, good UX design can lead to:

  • Increased engagement and task completion on site
  • Higher conversion rates and sales
  • A greater number of return visitors
  • Better search engine friendliness
  • Increased trust of and loyalty to your brand.


Responsive web design services

Our team of skilled responsive web designers create and build websites and apps that are optimised to perform on any device.

Responsive web design services are standard across all EdgeThreeSixty websites, and because we develop in the browser, you can see exactly how your site will look on any device at any stage in the process.

What is responsive design?

Responsive design is a type of website design that allows web pages and their features to resize and reformat depending on the device – and the size of the screen – that it is being viewed on. The website is effectively ‘responding’ in order to provide an optimal viewing experience. You may also hear it referred to as mobile responsive design, responsive website design or other similar terms.

As an example, an image on a webpage would be a drastically different size when viewed on a mobile device compared to when viewed on a desktop computer. Responsive design allows the appropriate resizing to occur automatically.

Why do you need a responsive website?

Responsive design is all about providing the best viewing experience for the user, no matter how they access your site.

More UK adults now use mobile devices to browse the internet than use desktop PCs, meaning responsive website design is arguably more important than ever – if your website isn’t designed to be fully responsive and mobile optimised, you could be missing out on valuable traffic and revenue.

Making your site accessible for users of different devices can have a direct and positive impact on metrics such as:

  • Visitor numbers (new and returning)
  • The time users spend on your site
  • The number of pages users visit
  • Conversions and sales.

There is also a direct correlation between responsive web design and the way your website appears in search engine results pages (SERPs) as mobile optimised, responsive sites are favoured in mobile search results over non-responsive websites, especially when users search for local services.

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