Responsive design

Our team of skilled responsive web designers create and build websites and apps that are optimised to perform on any device. We take a ‘mobile first’ approach to our design and development work and test across multiple browsers and operating systems.

Responsive design is a necessity for all websites in the modern digital world. By failing to implement a responsive website layout, not only are you affecting the accessibility of your site to users on mobile or tablet devices, but you’re also potentially jeopardising your SEO efforts, too.

What is responsive design?

Responsive design is a type of website design that allows web pages and their features to resize and reformat depending on the device – and the size of the screen – that it is being viewed on. The website is effectively ‘responding’ in order to provide an optimal viewing experience. You may also hear it referred to as mobile responsive design, responsive website design (RWD), or other similar terms.

As an example, an image on a webpage would be a drastically different size when viewed on a mobile device compared to when viewed on a desktop computer. Responsive design allows the appropriate resizing to occur automatically.

The benefits of responsive design

Responsive design is all about providing the best viewing experience for the user, no matter how they access your site. The main benefit of this is that your site’s design is not exclusive to users on traditional desktop or laptops computers – it also accommodates for the colossal and ever-growing number of internet users browsing via mobile or tablet devices. Successfully catering to users on different devices can have a direct and positive impact on metrics such as:

  • Visitor numbers (new and returning)
  • The time users spend on your site
  • The number of pages users visit
  • Conversions and sales.

Responsive design also has a direct connection with the way that your website appears in search engine results pages (SERPs). Google has suggested that mobile optimised, responsive sites are favoured in mobile search results over websites that are not responsive – especially when users search for local services.

Responsive design features on a website are essential in not only helping users to find your website through organic search, but also in providing a good user experience for them once on your site, which in turn influences conversion rates, revenue, etc.

Responsive design services

If your website’s design is not fully responsive and mobile optimised, then you could be missing out on valuable traffic and revenue. Enlisting the services of a responsive web design agency could help you to rectify this, and give your business a boost.

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