When it comes to ecommerce websites, Magento is the first choice of platform for many. Whether it’s the development of a completely new site, or providing support for an existing one, our Magento specialists offer custom ecommerce development solutions to suit any brief.

What is Magento?

Magento is an open source ecommerce platform for those wishing to sell products online. It’s currently the most popular ecommerce platform in the world, due to its powerful and flexible features.

There are two versions of Magento available to ecommerce businesses: Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Magento Community Edition (CE)

CE is the free version of Magento. It’s best suited to mid-market merchants, rather than small sellers or large enterprises. Magento CE provides a good level of flexibility and control as far as the look, feel and functionality of the site and store is concerned. It can also be customised with bespoke development and extensions.

Magento Enterprise Edition (EE)

This version of Magento comes with an annual license fee, and is ideal for use by enterprise-level businesses. It offers all of the features of Magento CE, but also comes with extra enhancements and features that a larger ecommerce business may need.


Magento features

Magento offers a whole host of different options and features that can be tailored to suit the needs of any individual business. This power to customise is part of what makes Magento such a popular choice for ecommerce businesses.

Just some of Magento’s core features include:

  • Catalogue browsing – organise your store with a range of flexible categorisation options
  • Product browsing – product listing features that go beyond the standard name, description, size and price
  • Product search – offers both quick search and advanced search options
  • Marketing and conversion tools – to help you increase customer acquisition and sales
  • Customer accounts – quick and simple account creation with features such as wish lists, order tracking and product reviews
  • Content management – for non-ecommerce pages such as ‘about us’, terms and conditions, etc
  • Mobile commerce – support for native applications on iOS and Android

For more details about Magento’s full range of features, see this Magento features list.

As you can see, Magento’s ecommerce options are wide-ranging and highly customisable. With such a huge range of technical features available, it’s easy to see how the services of a specialist Magento web development company could be beneficial.


Our Magento services

As an experienced Magento development company, we’ve successfully planned, designed and built ecommerce stores for a range of different businesses – from start up businesses to large ecommerce operations. If you’re looking for a Magento agency to meet your business’s ecommerce needs, consider the services that EdgeThreeSixty can provide.

We offer two basic Magento ecommerce development solutions, depending on budget and ambition, which can both be tailored to meet a client’s ecommerce requirements:

  1. Customised template
    This option involves adapting an existing Magento website template, and tailoring it to suit your business’s requirements.
  2. Bespoke template
    This option provides you with a fully bespoke website design and template, created specifically for your business’s exact needs.

Additional services

In addition to Magento website development, we also offer the following Magento services:

  • Magento support packages – scalable to meet the needs of your ecommerce business
  • Upgrades and security patches – keeping things secure and up-to-date
  • Plugin installation and configuration – add new functionality via existing plugins
  • Bespoke module development – create bespoke functionality
  • Third party integrations – connect with your back office, CRM, etc
  • Magento hosting – fast and secure managed Magento hosting.

If you’d like to learn more about the Magento services that we offer, or if you’re interested in finding out what solutions we could provide for your business specifically, just give us a callWe believe that our team are some of the best Magento developers in Liverpool and the UK, and that our user-centric approach to web design, along with the range of Magento services we offer, will be able to meet your business’s every need.

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