PHP web development

We’ve been using PHP to develop complex, bespoke web applications since 2007.
With PHP we can harness the raw power of the web in order to create systems that are able to solve problems and enable companies to achieve their goals in order to move forward.

What is PHP?

PHP is a scripting language used in web development for building websites, applications and the like. PHP is used to enhance webpages, and can perform functions such as generating dynamic content on a page, collecting data from a form, and sending and receiving cookies, to name a few.

Here at EdgeThreeSixty, our developers use PHP in the creation of bespoke websites to enhance pages and their features, improve user experience, and produce striking websites for our clients. We offer PHP development to Liverpool businesses as well as those in the rest of the UK.


We use PHP in combination with the web framework, Laravel. There are many PHP development frameworks available, but we choose Laravel because of its elegant syntax and accessibility. It has a range of features that help to simplify the programming process, and it’s powerful enough to handle large and complex applications.#

PHP development services

We take a user-centric approach to all of the work that we do. This allows us to provide clients not only with websites that function well and look stunning, but that are easy and pleasing for users to navigate. Our PHP developers utilise the flexibility of PHP to develop bespoke websites that are easy to use and that drive businesses forward.

Just some of the features that we can provide with PHP include:

  • Ecommerce stores
  • Web portals
  • Integration with third party services
  • Mobile and web applications.

For a PHP development company that you can trust to deliver results, call EdgeThreeSixty.

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