Email marketing

Though it may be one of the more difficult marketing channels to master, the benefits of email marketing can be huge. Email is a great medium for establishing a personal connection with existing and potential customers, which makes it highly valuable for nurturing leads.

Email marketing solutions

Email marketing is arguably one of the oldest digital marketing techniques out there – when compared with the likes of more modern inbound marketing strategies, for instance. You might instinctively think that this would make email marketing easier to do, but, you’d be wrong. Because email as a marketing channel has been around for such a long time, you could argue that people on the whole are move savvy to it, and are therefore less responsive.

When compared to a marketing strategy that they have never experienced before, potential customers are more likely to ignore or delete email marketing messages without even reading them.

But that doesn’t mean that marketing is dead, it just means that it’s more difficult to do successfully. That’s why you, like many others, may be considering the services of an email marketing agency – to help ensure email marketing success for your business.

The importance of email marketing

Through email marketing, you have the power to reach out directly to those on your email list, reminding them that your business is there, even if they’re not at the point of conversion just yet.

But, often there’s not much in the difference between friendly reminder and nuisance spam, which makes a well thought-out email marketing strategy essential for success. It’s all too easy to alienate potential customers by sending emails too frequently, or by not providing value in the content sent, and it’s in maintaining this delicate balance that the skills of an email marketing agency can be invaluable.

Our email marketing services

Here at EdgeThreeSixty, our email marketing specialists are on hand to help you with virtually every aspect of your business’s email marketing efforts. Just some of the email marketing solutions that we can provide for our clients include:

  • Build an email marketing strategy
  • Advise on email content
  • Management of email marketing campaigns
  • Testing with different email providers and different platforms
  • Email tracking, including open rate, click through, etc.

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