Conversion rate optimisation

Our team of conversion rate experts have a wealth of experience and a proven track record in increasing website conversion rates for clients, using a number of conversion rate optimisation techniques.

Once your website is well optimised for search engines, and you have implemented a strategic inbound marketing strategy, chances are you’ll be driving a decent amount of traffic to your website on a daily basis. Now, all you have to do is convert these visitors into paying customers, and you can do that by optimising your pages for conversions – or in other terms, CRO.


What is conversion rate optimisation?

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is, simply, the practice of making changes to a website in order to increase the number of visitors who convert. Conversion rates are usually expressed as a percentage – for instance 10% of all visitors to a site – and so CRO revolves around increasing this number.

What’s defined as a ‘conversion’ can be anything from a newsletter registration to completing an online purchase – it’s dictated by you and the goals that you want to achieve online. Usually, websites will measure a number of different conversions at the same time, for instance: online purchases, survey completions, newsletter sign ups, etc.

It’s unlikely that your website will achieve the best conversion rates possible without some optimisation, and it takes time and strategic planning to perform this optimisation effectively. That’s where CRO experts come in.


Our conversion optimisation services

All of our services, here at EdgeThreeSixty, exist in order to provide practical solutions to our clients’ digital problems. Our conversion rate optimisation techniques revolve around gathering data to make informed decisions and drive results. We analyse user behaviour, identify bottlenecks and design cul-de-sacs, reveal user expectations and exploit opportunities, in order to increase the number of converting customers on your website.

Just some of the services provided by EdgeThreeSixty’s conversion optimisation experts include:

A/B split testing

This technique measures the effectiveness of different landing pages by diving traffic evenly between two (or more) different versions of a webpage. The most effective page, in terms of conversion, can then be used as the official landing page. A/B split testing is usually used to trial different page designs and layouts.

Multivariate testing

Similarly to A/B split testing, this method also shows different versions of a webpage to different users. However, multivariate testing is more concerned with evaluating the individual elements on a page, rather than the overall layout or design.

User journey and path analysis

This testing helps you to understand how customers are moving through your website. It can be particularly useful for ecommerce sites and those with online purchase journeys, as you can see, step-by-step, the sales funnel on your site, and where users may be dropping out and abandoning the process.

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