Bug fixing

At EdgeThreeSixty we develop all our sites in the browser, meaning all bug fixing is carried out during development to ensure your site is bug free before it’s deployed. If your site was built elsewhere but has errors, then we can help identify issues and provide solutions.

There are a number of different types of errors and bugs that can appear during website development, which can result in display errors and broken functionality. The team at EdgeThreeSixty are experts in identifying and fixing buggy code and any associated errors.

Our bug fixing services can deal with errors such as:

Our bUg fixing service

When we take on a project, we make sure you have full visibility of your site’s functionality during every part of the development process, so bugs can be identified and fixed well before it goes live.

And in the unlikely event you should encounter any problems once your website is up and running, or you require a change to its functionality, our bug tracking software means any issues can easily be reported and instantly put right.

Our bug fixing service isn’t exclusive to the website’s we build, and we can audit any site to identify any issues and make the recommendation and necessary fixes to ensure your site is bug-free.

Get those bugs fixed

Call us for advice on the best ways to root out and find solutions to any bugs and errors that
are causing your website issues.

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